Pintura Mural Painting Mural Duvar Resmi 壁画 Väggmâining Wandmalerei चित्र

Mural painting:
joan raven has created murals in different areas; children rooms, businesses, hotels ....
see job blog that focuses its recent creation, in a wine cellar, which use organic and biodynamic agriculture. along with other examples of their work.
Joan raven, offers his work to people, businesses, decorators ... in his works, mixed the theme proposed by the client at the same time, which adds universal concepts with an artist's own character

Pintura Mural Painting Mural Duvar Resmi 壁画 Väggmâining Wan भित्ति चित्र

Pintura Mural Painting Mural Duvar Resmi 壁画 Väggmâining Wan भित्ति चित्र
CREUS que creus-kreuz-cross-croix-croce / fotografia de TXELL TORT

divendres, 26 de febrer de 2010

...La Pedra; la seva forma es a partir de forces externes, la seva forma no es fruit del desig, es a partir de la quietud
l'animal, es forma a partir del desig i de la necesitat,es una forma a partir de l'extensió cap a lo exterior, es fruit del moviment
la Planta; es l'èsser viu on la seva forma es adquirida a partir de la unió equilibrada de les dues maneres anteriors , la de la pedra i l'animal...
extret del llibre sobre els móns superiors de Rudolf Steiner.
(per aquest motiu, s'han fet paral.lelismes entre la planta i el cami espiritual)

... The stone is its shape from external forces, its shape is not the result of desire, is from the stillness
the animal is formed from the desire and necessity, is formed from an extension to it outside, is the result of the movement
Plant; acquire their shape from the balanced union of the two previous ways, from stone and animal ...
the book on the higher worlds of Rudolf Steiner.
(For this reason, parallelism between the plant and the spiritual path)